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Mass Emailing Service

The Mass Mailing Service From the ‘Bulk Mail’ site is

(Before starting read this information.)

– Individual selection of addresses of companies that have vacancies for you today

– Rapid distribution of your data among all services interested in your services around the world

– Information support and operational advice on what you should do in a particular case

– Full progress report at the end of the mailing letters.

Then, when you receive the addresses of new vacancies, you have the opportunity to become the first candidate. This is the best position for you without wasting your time at a very reasonable price.


All Our Services

– Free resume submission, sample letter and mass mailing to 50 addresses, simple access to the affiliate program 

– Personal page, HTML email project, a simple letter, full access to the affiliate program, mass emailing to 50 addresses for US$ 5.00   – All of the above + Mass Mailing Service for thousands of addresses US$ 15 – All of the above + a simple explanation of how to do everything yourself, and a list of email addresses of crewing and shipowners companies US$ 40 – All of the above + 4 programs for searching, checking, sorting and bulk sending letters to explain in detail how to do everything yourself. Each program is $ 30.    


Our Affiliate Program For your Wallet

Not only seafarers or crewing agents can join our program. Anyone can join our Affiliate Program on the same terms of the agreement. -This is a one-level program, not a pyramid. -You will receive 20% of all payments or our profit from your referrals. -20% of all donations will be shared with the best 30 affiliates monthly. -20% of all donations from the independent entering affiliates of our program will be shared monthly with the 30 best partners. -Affiliate links of 20 newcomers or bad partners we will place on all free emails that we will send, and on emails to applicants who will not subscribe to our affiliate program and insert their links. -Newcomers and bad partners will obtain some profit too.  More of this your links, when you will be on contracts, will work normally without you and will give you some profit -You may purchase products through your affiliate links for your own use. If you have a good idea, we can work with you. We can place your idea on our sites or prepare an additional site for you. You will get up to 60% of your idea in your wallet.

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News from the war for life in the oceans

We can do more. We are professionals.

Threatened Species Day: Ocean Defenders

Sea Shepherd is working to protect marine wildlife every day. Read more: Sea Shepherd is an

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September 7, 2020 0

The Bob Barker busts illegal trawlers with over one tonne of fins and rays.

The Bob Barker busts illegal trawlers with over one tonne of fins and rays. In Gabon, working with local authorities, our

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August 17, 2020 0

Sea Shepherd’s Shark Awareness Week

Sharks are apex predators that play an essential role in maintaining balanced oceanic ecosystems. From the tiniest of plankton to

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August 15, 2020 0

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