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Mass mailing of seafarers' resumes to thousands of crewing companies and shipowners

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CORPORATION “Global Marine Pollution” SITES:

Our Commercial Offers and Invitation to Cooperation to Any Crewing Agents and Shipowners

We offer our services on a global scale, our experience and knowledge are unparalleled. Please contact us if you want to know more about our services.

 Thank you to come to our site. Our free gift for you is a list of hundreds of freelancers works (Work From Home) sites with thousands of open positions for anybody WORLDWIDE & DOMESTIC.

List of hundreds of sites offering jobs for freelancers ”Work from Home” below

(You can use this list for yourself or simply send an email to any of your friends or even sell it to someone

Before entering the list, click on TWO banners below and check out these amazing programs. If you want to join us, then after joining, click on all the banners in this list, and all these FREE programs will help you get referrals. Moreover, all programs will also give you a chance to get extra money. You can use all programs regardless of the first two programs. If you have REALLY working programs for receiving money, send us your referral links to join you. Thus, we will work together as a team. Download this PDF file now.

You can read all the information below in a PDF file. For all links to work, right-click the banner or link, and then open it in a new tab or window. You can print or download it in a PDF file. You can share the file with your friends or sell a file or a printed brochure, it contains 87 sheets. If you will enter in any paid programs on banner you can send us YOUR AFFILIATE link we will place it in the brochure and will send you one with yours links to promote. Our email is or you can use any contact form for this.  


Dear Sir or Madam,

We are a group of sites from the “Global Marie Pollution” Open International Join-Stock Corporation, we invite you to cooperate.

We are open to any cooperation with you.

You can simply send us candidates who by some parameters do not suit you today, and we will help them find a job.

Or you can take part in our affiliate program. We, your partners, will add your advertisement to the seafarer’s resume before starting the mass mailing. In this case, you will have free advertising.

We invite you to participate in our affiliate program. Feel free to subscribe to this program below. International open joint-stock corporation “Global Marine Pollution” affiliate program Terms of Service.  We will help you and you will help us

It is a summary of our program:

  • This is a one-level program, not a pyramid.
  • You will receive 20% of all payments or our profit from your referrals.
  • 20% of all donations will be shared with the best 30 affiliates monthly.  
  • 20% of all donations from the independent entering affiliates of our program will be shared monthly with the 30 best partners.
  • Affiliate links of 20 newcomers or bad partners we will place on all free emails that we will send, and on emails to applicants who will not subscribe to our affiliate program and insert their links. Newcomers and bad partners will obtain some profit too.  More of these your links, when you will be on contracts, will work normally without you and will give you some profit.
  • Payments only begin once you’ve earned more than US$100 in affiliate income. If your affiliate account never crosses the US$100 threshold, your commissions will not be realized or paid. We are only responsible for paying accounts that have crossed the US$100 threshold.
  • You may purchase products through your affiliate links for your own use.
  • As long as your current affiliate earning are over $100, you’ll be paid each month. If you haven’t earned $100 since your last payment, we’ll pay you the following month after you’ve crossed the threshold.
  • We use PayPal (any of your debit or credit card) and Bitcoin for transactions. You will need the PayPal address and/or Bitcoin Wallet for transactions.

Registration action does not take much time, and you should only insert the email address for the contact in the form during one.

That is all you have to prepare. For this, you will receive 20% of all payments for any services on our websites from sailors to taxation.

We invite you to provide us with any of your services for placement on our sites. This can be training courses, tests in English, payment of any documents, etc. With the exception of payments for a job offer to sailors and payments for any illegal activities.

You can offer us any prices for your services. You will get 60% of these prices (20% will go to affiliates persons and 20% to us).

We can prepare for you separate pages with some AD’s or/and prices for your services.

In any case, a link to your services will be located on all our merchant marine sites, on all pages and inside all of our letters and sailor’s letters sent throw our bulk emailing service.

Thank you for your attention and your valuable time.

Best regards,

Alex Ant

We invite you to join the phased crowdfunding of the “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION” International Open Joint-Stock Corporation. Crowdfunding details are available HERE. We can change these details at any time after your suggestions and advice.

We will be happy to discuss with you any of your counteroffers. Our E-mail:

Feel free to contact us below


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Best regards,

Alex Ant

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