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    We will contact you before the start of our work and after the end of the mass emailing of your information. We will send you a confirmation of the work.

    Replies will come to the mail that you must place in the form on the left. Emails from some companies may come in a spam folder. Some companies may put your Company in a file, but will not respond.

    You can pay us by Bitcoin here or at the bottom of this page.

    Using our service, you can send your ADs all over the world in just a couple of clicks. In this case, you just need to choose the region, attach your Ads. After our mass emailing, all company responses will be sent to your email address. Today we have more than 6000 contacts emails of crewing and shipowners firm updated daily and all ower the world. We have no discrimination in any form on our sites and in our Global MP corporation.

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    Our Commercial Offers and Invitation to Cooperation to Any Crewing Agents and Shipowners

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